How to Pour the perfect Zatec

To enjoy Zatec at it best, it is important to serve it well.

Zatec should be poured and enjoyed from a glass, not drunk from the bottle.

Pouring into a glass is essential as it releases the natural gasses – there is no added carbonation in Zatec – forming a welcoming head and allows you to experience the full flavour.

The best temperature for serving Zatec is between 7C and 9C.

Clean glass

While most glass shapes will suffice, it is very important that the glass is completely clean. Ideally, each bottle will be served into a freshly rinsed (with cold water) glass.

The best glass shape is a classic Pilsner. This glass allows the head to form, retains the head due to the inclination of the glass at its top and encourages good bubble flow from the base.

Opening the Bottle

When preparing to open a bottle, do not shake.

Release the cap firmly on one edge with a proper bottle opener. Prise the cap off with your thumb.

It is natural for a dome of foam to form at the bottle neck when the bottle cap is released.

Tilt glass

Pour smoothly down side of glass, adjusting glass to vertical as bottle empties, to create the right sized (1-2cm), white foamy head. With practice, the amount of head can be varied to individual taste.

A swirl of bubbles should be seen rising from the base of the glass, reminiscent of the natural bubbles of champagne.

Zatec is best enjoyed by sipping and savouring the light yet complex flavours.

A glass of Zatec should not be left to stand for too long, since the natural sparkle will deteriorate within 10 minutes.