The hops give beer its bitterness or flavour, adds a number of aromas and acts as a preservative.

There are many varieties of hops, all offering their won flavoured and aroma. Some of todays big brands use a combination of hops or a different hop to finish of the brew.

Zatec beer uniquely use the Zatec hop, renowned as the world’s best hop, throughout its brewing process.

Growing hops for beer is like growing grapes for wine. The Zatec area offer the red, clay soil that holds the ideal moisture levels and hills that protect the hop vines from heavy rain and wind. The local farmer’s care enhances the qualities and thereby its status.


Malt gives the beer its body, sweetness and colour. Malt is usually barley which has been soaked in water until germination occurs. These grains are then kiln-dried and roasted. Both the length of time and the heat used for roasting determines whether the beer is a golden Pilsner Lager or a darken stout. Usually the more Malt used, the more flavour of the beer.

Zatec use only Moldavian Malt.


Historically the water used by the Brewer determined the style of beer produced. Because of modern technology, water and its parts can be altered so that water from the same source can be used to make different styles of beers.

Zatec beer continues to use the local water which is found at the foothills of the town.


Yeast produces the alcohol contained in the beer. The yeast consumes the sugars that can be found in the Malt and converts them into alcohol, which affects the taste.