Mix Dinosaurs on the iPhone

Like many other children, when I was young I had one of those "mix and match" books that allowed me to combine parts of one animal with parts from other animals to make new creatures. Even though such books promised "hours of fun!" I usually got bored with them after a few minutes, but they have remained popular. Their latest incarnation is on the iPhone in a new app called DinoMixer.

I do not have an iPhone (I am waaay behind the curve when it comes to cell phone technology) so I could not review the app myself, but fortunately Geek Dad over at Wired has you covered. Overall, DinoMixer looks like a pretty standard mix-and-match program. You can play with the head, torso and tail of about 13 dinosaurs to make new creatures, but the app does appear to have some cool extras. The dinosaurs roar and come with descriptive information, and new dinosaurs will be added in future updates.

Have you played with DinoMixer on your iPhone? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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