Sewer Workers Find Dinosaur Bone Stash Under Edmonton

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Every year scores of paleontologists head out to the field in search of dinosaur fossils, but sometimes the remains of the charismatic creatures are hiding right underfoot. As reported in various news outlets earlier this week, sewer construction workers Aaron Krywiak and Ryley Paul discovered dinosaur bones while working 120 feet under the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. The fossils were from at least two well-known dinosaurs that lived about 75 million years ago, near the end of the Cretaceous: the tyrannosaur Albertosaurus and the hadrosaur Edmontosaurus. Teeth, vertebrae, and ribs are among the bones discovered by the duo, and city workers are going to cooperate with paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum and the University of Alberta to make sure future discoveries in the tunnel are carefully collected while diminishing construction delays.

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