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National Museum of the American Indian

Connecting Community and Collections


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Harnessing the Wisdom of Indigenous Communities for Marine Conservation

A swarm of yellow fish and silver fish with yellow tailfins swim around a coral reef

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Adult Fish Aren't Truly 'Protected' in Many Marine Protected Areas

American bison

Earth Optimism

Six Animals the Smithsonian Has Helped Save From Extinction

Black monkey perches in a tree staring directly at camera

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Eight Weird and Wondrous Discoveries From 2023

Underwater photo of a pink and gold coral reef in bright blue water, with small blue and yellow fish. A blurry reflection of the reef appears in the water at the top of the photo.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

New Study Reveals Large Holes In America’s Ocean Protection. Here’s How We Can Fix Them.

Joshua Tewksbury

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Why the World Needs a Standard Measure for Counting Carbon

Sustainability News From Smithsonian Magazine

The Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station. Geothermal power has long been popular in volcanic countries like Iceland, where hot water bubbles from the ground.


Is Geothermal Power Heating Up as an Energy Source?

Workers install solar panels on the roof of King's College Chapel in Cambridge, England.


How King's College Added 438 Solar Panels to a 500-Year-Old Chapel

The Aria Resort & Casino, a striking pair of curved buildings on the Las Vegas Strip, bills itself as eco-friendly and water-efficient.


Las Vegas Is Going All In on Its Water Conservation Plan

Minerals and algae form patterns in the scalding hot water at Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park's Midway Geyser Basin. Yellowstone National Park has more than 10,000 thermal features, making it the largest concentration of active geysers in the world.


How a Microbe From Yellowstone's Hot Springs Could Help Feed the World

One potential tool to combat the growing affordable housing problem, which the National Low Income Housing Coalition says has grown to a need for more than 7 million homes, is 3D printing.


Can 3D Printing Help Address the Affordable Housing Crisis in the United States?

Climate Change News

An orange tributary of the Kugororuk River.


Alaska's Rivers Are Turning Orange as Thawing Permafrost Releases Metals Into Waterways

Baobab trees can reach 100 feet tall, and they support entire ecosystems and communities with their large structures and natural resources.


Scientists Uncover the Ancient Origins of Baobab Trees in Genetic Study

A tuna crab on the sand in San Diego in 2002, a year when large numbers of the creatures washed up on shore.


Why Are Tuna Crabs Swarming Off the Coast of San Diego?

Tourists cool off in front of a fan in Rome, Italy on July 18, 2023. Temperatures in the area at the time surpassed 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


Last Year, the Northern Hemisphere Had Its Hottest Summer in 2,000 Years

A male western snowy plover stands guard over his nest. During breeding season, males tend to the chicks while females seek a new mate. 


How Scientists Are Protecting Plovers’ Beachfront Lifestyle

Human-caused biodiversity loss is a major factor that could contribute to more frequent and severe disease outbreaks, according to a new study.


Biodiversity Loss Increases the Risk of Disease Outbreaks, Analysis Suggests

Sue Parfitt, 82, and Judy Bruce, 85, cracked the glass protecting the Magna Carta on the morning of May 10.


Climate Activists Chip the Case Protecting the Magna Carta